Sunday, July 7, 2019

Finding the rotation periods of four asteroids - Lyka, Hevelius, 1989 CA and Johnharmon

Source: Brincat et al, 2019. MPB 46(3)
The last issue of the scientific journal - the Minor Planet Bulletin (46, 2019) has two days ago published our work on the calculation of the rotational period of four rotation periods of main-belt asteroids 917 Lyka, 5706 Hevelius, 1989 CA and 8073 Johnharmon. 

These calculations were made ont he basis of photometric observations carried out from the three observatories located here in Malta and one in the United States. Znith Observatory employed a 0.20-m Schmidt-Cassegrain equipped with a Moravian G2-1600 CCD camera at 1x1 binning, whilst Flarestar Observatory utilised the same CCD model coupled with a 0.25-m SCT telescope at 1x1 binning. Antares Observatory used an SBIG STL-11000 CCD camera at 2x2 binning attached to a 0.25-m SCT telescope. The asteroid 5706 Hevelius was observed from Sierra Remote Observatory at Auberry CA (USA) that utilised a 0.48-0 RC telescope coupled with an Apogee U42 CCD camera, at a pixel scale of 0.74 arcseconds/pixel. 

The entire work can be found here.

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