Sunday, March 29, 2015

Updated: Ovals, barges and festoons on the Jovian surface.

March 25th, 2015. 18:16 UT RGB I:151.4  II:168.7  III:92.5 (C) Charles Galdies

IR Pass filter March 25th, 2015. I:151.4  II:168.7  III:92.5 (C) Charles Galdies

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Seeing got increasingly unstable especially during the latter part of the observation period. Surface wind increased from mild to moderately strong during the end of the observation.

Europa is on the right of Jupiter casting its shadow on the equatorial zone. The GRS is rising on this image. The South Equatorial Band looks calm.

A brown barge is prominently rising in the North Tropical Zone.

A major blue festoon is visible originating from an outbreak along the North Equatorial Band towards the Equatorial zone.

The Oval BA is well resolved and has a light orange colour. Next to it is a small white oval, which is more apparent in the IR Pass filtered image. Additional white ovals are also conspicuous along the Southern Temperate Belt.

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