Friday, May 2, 2014

Albedo structure of Mare Cimmerium and Lemuria region on Mars

South is up (ALPO convention)

Mars is slowly receding away from Earth, and so the surface Martian details are getting smaller. However, there is still a lot of work to be done regarding the monitoring of the Martian surface for any interesting weather phenomena.

The structure of Mare Cimmerium next to the south pole (Top) is distinctively sharp with albedo variations and visibility of Hesperia and Mare Tyrrhenum.

Laestrigonum S promontory is visible extending from Mare Cimmerium, pointing towards Elysium.
The lighter circular path at the central meridian - Elysium - is also evident, with surrounding Hybleus Extension and Aetheria region.

Propontis (I and II) Complex is also well resolved. Lemuria region next to the North Pole is patchy but well distinctive.

The north polar cap (Bottom) is not conspicuously white. The ice cap is about 1000km in diameter.

This observation is archived and linked to the ALPO USA and Japan database together with other images taken on the same day.

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