Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saturn imaged through a calmer atmosphere

Here's another image of Saturn taken on June 15th with one of my CCD cameras - the SPC 9000 Color CCD.  Seeing was far from perfect (poor-moderate), since Saturn is rather low above the horizon and reaches maximum altitude relatively early in the day. The atmosphere at time of imaging was somewhat unstable.

A series of images were taken On June 15th during the period 22:03 - 22:47 local time, using 2 planetary cameras: a monochrome DMK21+ astronomik color filters and color planetary camera - SPC9000.

The image is the best one based on a 45" stack of images (85% quality) captured by the SPC9000.

Saturn. June 15, 2013 @ 22:25:38 LT. 200mm SCT, f/25, CGE mount

Note the bands on Saturn's northern hemisphere. The Polar Hexagon has a slight blue tinge but is not well resolved. The Encke minima is not distinct in the rings.  Hopefully I will get better images in the coming nights.

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