Saturday, May 12, 2012

UPDATED: Brilliant white Hellas Planitia

As of March 30th, Mars entered into its summer (winter) season in the Northern (southern) hemisphere. During the forthcoming period of observations, observers need to keep a constant watch for particular orographic clouds over the Tharsis volcanoes and cloud patches around Syrtis Major and Lybia. In addition, changes to the North Polar Hood merits further attention.

Hellas' white cloud and the formation of ice-fog activity are other features that start to occur during this period of the Martian year. Hellas Planitia is shown as very bright and prominent in this observation, just under Syrtis Major Planum. This is suggestive of the formation of ground frost as well as ice clouds at various latitudes.

Utopia Planitia is also in view, encircling the North Polar Hood (Cap) - NPC.

prominent streak is seen dividing the NPC in half. This streak could be Rima Borealis.

Some bluish haze is seen over Arabia Terra which extends to the terminator.

More information concerning prevalent seasonal features can be downloaded from here

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