Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cloud-banded Venus at 16.8" diameter

False colour & grayscale of (R) to highlight cloud contrast

2012/02/17 17:48:04 (UT)
CM1 111.0deg CM2 322.7deg
Nexstar 8SE NEQ-6 Pro
DMK21AU04 IR807-R-IR807
Seeing 8/10 Trans 8/10

Similar results were obtained by
Javier Beltran (Spain) and Camilo Ucha (Spain)

Image has IR(R)_R(R)_IR(B) colour combination to highlight clouds

ALPO Report - Venus, 17 February 2012:

Banded dusky markings visible
No South Cusp-Cap visible
North and South Cusp-Bands not visible

Limb band not visible
Terminator geometrically regular
Terminator shading visible


  1. srosenfraz has posted a reply about the following photo:

    "Venus false colour & grayscale (R channel) to highlight cloud contrast"

    "First time I've ever seen any details on Venus (well, on her clouds). Great shot.


  2. Looks like a Mariner 10 image to me.