Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fine Martian detail

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Mars is still getting closer and some nice details can now be seen.

Local weather conditions were excellent. Fine details around Sinus Meridiani, Sinus Sabaeus, Eden, Aurore Sinus, Chryse and Mare Acidalium are visible.

The extremely subtle and fine Deuteronlius and Achillus Pons and Pyrrhae region on the opposite side have also been captured.

The blue filter highlights clouds over Arabia and Tharsis.

The streak running along the edge of the NPC could be part of the dust streak previously reported on February 12th by Efrain Morales and confirmed by Damian Peach, among others.

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  1. Very detailed view for 8" aperture! Excellent. How good would you rate the seeing on Pickering scale?

    1. Hello Jure

      Thanks for your nice comments. The atmospheric conditions were very good on the night of the 17th. I could easily count all the main stars in the Pleiades cluster. It can be difficult to determine the seeing conditions with CCD imaging.

      If you refer to Damian Peach's website

      I can say that the resulting imaging quality during data capture was well within his "Good seeing Conditions" movie