Saturday, November 26, 2011

An active south equatorial band

The night sky on Nov 22nd was clear but thermally unstable. The observation session was very short due to poor seeing at high power.

The upper image was taken using at f/10, and has been rescaled to show a similar image as seen through the telescope with a 10mm eyepiece.

The bottom image composite was taken with a DMK monochrome camera, f/25, using lumicon slide filter and Astronomik type-2c filters and Baader IR pass contrast booster.

The NEB seems to be calm and quite narrow. Note the small dark spot on the NEBn near to CM.

The SEB is very active unlike the NEB. This activity is spatially connected to the GRS (not shown on this image). Note the wide dark band on the STB and small white oval in the SPR.

The EZ is very active.

See reference guide for Jupiter surface nomenclature.

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