Thursday, October 13, 2011

Io orbiting Jupiter

The Jupiter and Io image is a combined CCD image using DMK21AU04 monochrome camera (L) and SPC900 (RGB) both with IR block filter. The captured this image on October 7th 2011 at 22:13UT using IC Capture and SharpCap and processed with Registax 6. Instrument used C8 f/25.

Seeing conditions were unstable. 

Starting from the North (top):

NEB looks narrow. The dark red spots in NEBn remain active and prominent. NTropZ has a alight bluish hue.

Two major prominent dark ovals are observed in the NEB. 

The EZ looks quite complex, with a prominent festoon extending along the central meridian. 

The SEB texture is very rich, with no conspicuous white ovals. 

Major actiuvuty is seen within STZ on the F side. Small white ovals are seen in SPR.

See reference guide for Jupiter surface nomenclature.

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