Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jupiter's detail under good seeing conditions

The Jupiter and Europa image is a combined CCD image using DMK21AU04 monochrome camera and SPC900 (RGB). The images were captured on October 21st 2011 between 19:18 and 19:30 UTC using IC Capture and SharpCap and processed with Registax 6. Instrument used C8 f/25.

Seeing conditions were good.

Starting from the North (top):

Prominent regular dark ovals seen in line with the NNTBn jet next to the central meridian.

NEB looks narrow. The bright red barges in NEBn remain active and prominent. NTropZ has a slight bluish hue.

The EZ looks very complex, with prominent festoons made more visible by the Baader filter.

The SEB texture is very rich, with a conspicuous darker streak extending horizontally from the GRS (not visible).

Major activity is seen within STZ on the F side. Small white ovals are seen in SPR.

See reference guide for Jupiter surface nomenclature.

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