Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another close encounter with the Giant

The top image is a combined CCD image I took of Jupiter using DMK21AU04 monochrome camera (L) and SPC900 (RGB) both with IR block filter. The captured this image on September 3rd 2011 at 0349UT using IC Capture and SharpCap and processed with Registax 6. Instrument used C8 f/25.

I am still testing to find out optimal settings for both cameras.

Seeing conditions were unstable.

Starting from the North (top):

Dark features on the NTeB and NNTeB are well visible. A number of white ovals are visible within the NNTeZ and NPR.

A number of prominent dark ovals are observed in the NEB.

The EZ again looks quite complex, with a prominent festoon on the F side of the CM.

The SEB texture is very rich, with no conspicuous white ovals.

See reference guide for Jupiter surface nomenclature.

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