Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visual sketch and IR image of Jupiter

On February 11th at 18:40 local time (GMT+1), Jupiter was not high up from the horizon, and the atmospheric instability made visual observation difficult. The NEB was very evident but no features were detected.

More importantly is the visibility of a more defined SEB separated at the forward edge by a not so clear GRS. No turbulence was noticed within the SEB region due to the poor visibility. Io shadow was visible at the limb.

Astroimagers are claiming the revival of SEB which is marked by a period of major upheaval which culminates in the dramatic reappearance of the SEB.

Below is an interesting IR CCD image of Jupiter taken by M Delcroix which timing is close to my visual sketch. It shows Io's shadow distinctively at the same location as indicated by my sketch, together with a similarly, not so evident GRS in the SEB.

Below is a scan of my original planetary and intensity sketch.

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