Friday, February 5, 2010


Mars continues to impress us with a good show. Last evening offered good seeing but which slightly deteriorated some 5 hours later.

Using Wratten #21 filter, Syrtis Major was very distinct and its patchy albedo variation was very well evident. Syrtis Minor was slightly evident.

The good seeing also permitted the detection of Hesperia which divides M. Tyrrhenum from M. Cimmerium.

The blue filter # 38A showed lighter patches along the limbs and central portion, which could be indicative of clouds and hazes corresponding to the lighter blue regions.


  1. Hi Charles,

    I enjoyed seeing your fine sketches on your web page. It is nice to find
    another person who still sketches at the eyepiece.

    I started sketching some years ago, and although I don't get the chance to
    sketch too often these days I try add new sketches to my web page as time
    permits. I haven't had much luck with Mars so far this season.

    Here is a link to my web page:

    Clear Skies,

    Eric Jamison

  2. Charles,
    I saw your post on the Marsobservers Yahoo group--very nice Mars sketches and also a nice website. It's always good to see the work of another astrosketcher.
    Michael Rosolina

  3. Thanks Michael for your nice comments. I feel that astrosketching is a lifetime experience which matures with time.