Friday, December 18, 2009

MARS 28TH NOV 2009

This sketch was done at around 05:00 UT using SCT 8" f/10 420x, #21 colour filter, seeing 5/10.

As the month of November closes Mars appears larger in the eyepiece than earlier in the month. The details on Nov 28th are becoming clearer and more definitive. Mars will be closest next January and I hope that the weather holds to allow continuous observations.

Getting out of bed and perform a detailed observation is still challenging compared to the ideal timing apparition during early nighttime in 2003.

In the sketch one can see Syrtis major, Utopia and Mare Cimmerium. The big expanse of Elysium is also evident.

To the right is a simulation of Mars albedo derived from WinJUPOS V 8.1.8.

Below is an intensity sketch.

White sketching paper
2H, HB graphite pencil, soft charcoal pencil blending stump.
Brightness decreased and contrat increased slightly at scanning

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