Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This evening I have focussed my scope on Ramsden - a lunar impact crater located on the western stretch of the Palus Epidemiarum.

The floor of this 25km crater has been flooded with lava, which this evening was in total darkness. The rim looked oval in outline, with depressions along parts of the walls. Ramsden is 2km deep and lacks terraces, central peaks, and any ray system.

In my sketch I tried to bring out the delicate rille system that form part of the Rimae Ramsden system. These rilles span an area 130 kilometers across, sprawling over the western Palus Epidemiarum. A branch reaches northwest to the Mare Nubium, passing between the craters Campanus and Mercator.

All in all, Ramsden and its surrounding rille system was a worthwhile sketching experience.

Above right is a picture of Ramsden for reference, taken from the LOPAM database.

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