Friday, October 30, 2009


Lunar crater HAINZEL
30th October 2009,
19:43 - 20:02 UT
200mm SCT f/10, 17mm televue plossl,
2x televue barlow, moon filter,
seeing 6/10 with clouds

This is my second sketch of this interesting complex of lunar crater formation. Its abnormal arrangement is very conspicious among its neighbouring craters, which results from the joining of two roughly equal ring plains. This evening, the sun angle was higher and the floor was more illuminated than in my previous sketch made last November (which is included below on this page).

The illuminated floor is full of intricate details which limits my sketching. A bright longitudinal ridge is present in the interior. A large promontary feature is visible on the outskirts of the North wall.

A peciuliar horseshoe-shaped flooded small crater is visible to the south of Hainzel (43S; 35W).

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