Thursday, January 16, 2014

Huge swirly festoons observed along Jupiter's equator

The seeing was excellent on the night of January 14th @ 20:06 local time. After some finer collimation, and using Jupiter as a target to test the adjustment, I decided to compile an ALPO observation report.

Using the orange, green and light blue filters, together with a 12mm plossl eyepiece, I could observe that much of the activity resided in the NEB. Huge swirly festoons were also recognizable in the EQ, connected with the southern side of the NEB. A prominent dark patch was also observed on the following side of the NEB, which was closely associated to the festoons and the possibility of columns.

A subtle streak was visible on the preceding side of the SEB, which is best shown in the intensity sketch below (I=2).

Prominent knots were also visible in the North North Temperate Zone (NNTZ) and along the South Temperate belt (STB).

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