Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Active SEB

The sketch was done on June 15th between 20:05UT - 20:55UT, while following the lunar eclipse on that very same evening. 

Saturn was observed with a 200mm SCT using a Meade 82A filter, a Televue 2.5x barlow, light pollution filter and a GSO 10mm plossl eyepiece.  Seeing was very good, around 7/10. For the sketching I used coloured pencils and white paper. The image was scanned at 600dpi using GIMP.

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Ring System

Ring A had a dark yellow colour but no fine minima were evident. 

The Cassini division was evident at the two extreme edges next to ring A. Ring B showed a a uniform dirty-yellow color, and created a contrast against Cassini.  

Ring C was broad, dark grey and partly merged with ring B.

Planetary banding

The NEB was a warm brownish colour, with no apparent local tonality.

The SEB had a slightly darker colour, flanked to the south by the lighter South Polar Region which was divided into 2 storm-belts. There was a lighter region on both left and right side of the SPR, but it was difficult to get a distinct sharp view of this interesting and active region.

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