Monday, August 9, 2010

Clefts in the wall of Gutenberg 'E'

This intersting lunar formation is located at the edge of Mare Fecundatatis. It is best observed 5 days after new moon or 4 days after full moon.

The rim of Gutenberg is much eroded, with steep walls on one side and broken on the opposite side by the overlapping crater 'Gutenberg E'. Prominent gaps in Gutenberg E were seen and sketched, forming a passage to the lunar mare to the east.

I sketched a subtle cleft in the walls of Gutenberg E which connects to Gutenberg. Craterlet 'Gutenberg A' was in the shadow of the steep walls of Gutenberg and is not shown.

The floor of Gutenberg and Gutenberg E are flat and filled with lava, and the illuminated floors did not show any significant craterlets.

Another major cleft in the wall of Gutenberg E allowed light to pass and fill the central part of Gutenberg, bringing in light the central and southern hills of Gutenberg into view. The overall effect was like an extended high promontary in the centre of Gutenberg. It was this interesting feature which made me select and sketch this complex lunar formation.

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