Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lunar crater ARISTOTELES
October 25, 2009 16:29UT – 16:58UT

200mm SCT f/10, 17mm televue plossl
barlow lens 2x, moon filter, Seeing 7/10

This impressive lunar impact crater is on the edge of Mare Frigoris. Its floor is uneven and a chain of hills is evident running towards the south.

The smaller crater Mitchell lookes slightly detached from eastern rim of Aristoteles. It is 30 km wide which just fits the island of Malta. Sizes seem all relative on the moon, but knowing the dimensions helps a lot and always makes me wonder.
The wall of Aristoteles looked slightly hexagonal in shape. Little detail was evident in the inner walls but some terracing was visible on the inner western side of the crater.
There seems to be a radial pattern of hills going out from the on the outer ramparts of the crater. Most interesting features is the western portion of the outer wall which presented quite a sketching challenge.
The western tapering end of the high edging walls resembles that of the other crater PLATO - Aristotle's mentor in philosophy. Maybe this is the reason behind their resemblance.

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